Friday, June 24, 2016

Evolution 2016 Austin TX

A big week for the Fernald Club graduate students at the Evolution Conference in Austin TX. Daniel Peterson, Laura Doubleday, and blogger Evan Palmer-Young presented pieces of their dissertation research to an international audience.

Get all the latest entomology talks on the Youtube channel:

Here are the highlights from my talk:

Relive the glory and follow your colleague through a journey punctuated by
1) Discovering the clicker does not work (0:00)
2) Discovering that there is a microphone, that does work, and makes one's voice audible (1:20)
3) Discovering that the audio system in the conference room is sufficient to alert the bomb squad (4:48)
4) Defining "juggernaut" (12:40)

Thanks to my colleagues for their help getting the talk into shape! Sorry for the choppy delivery. I recorded three talks myself directly before, and missed my zen visualization and warm-up, as well as familiarization with the key A/V equipment.